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 Planned Engineering

                       Roo Service Center

Did you know that if you purchase a Roo Chassis that you are eligible for a free pre delivery service, this means that after your caravan has been built and before it is collected or delivered to you or your dealer, that Roo chassis will undergo a comprehensive safety check of the chassis, for extra peace of mind and would include additional wheel alignment if necessary, this offer is however only available at our campbellfield service center,and does not include transportation to and from the manufacturer/dealer, so make sure you take full advantage of this.
A minimum 20 point critical safety check is done before you or the caravan departs from our facility will insure extra peace of mind 

Roo Service Center also offers a host of other services that are available to any brand or make of caravan or chassis some of these services include.

         Services Offered
  • Engineered ATM upgrades to 4000kg
  • A Frame/Drawbar removal and extensions
  • Frame/Drawbar modifications 
  • Suspension upgrades
  • Axle replacements 
  • Jockey wheel repairs
  • leaf springs replacement
  • Major services
  • Wheel bearing replacement
  • Ball weight issues to heavy or to light 
  • ESC  electronic sway control fitment 
  • Airbag instalations 
  • Standard Caravan Chassis service as listed below
             Standard Caravan Chassis Service                       
  • Remove wheels and check brakes
  • Strip check and re pack wheel bearings
  • Check and measure tyre wear
  • Replace wheels and torque all wheel nuts
  • Check brake and handbrake operation (Adjust if needed)
  • Inspect water tanks, straps and hoses
  • Inspect wiring under chassis
  • Inspect all visible welding
  • Check wheel alignment
  • Lubricate jockey wheel and jacks
  • Check rear lights and front light connection
  • Inspect coupling and safety chains
  • ​Inspect D shackels for chains

****  Servicing and all other repairs are by appointment only ****