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Free check and adjust.(For new vans only)
This includes checking your brakes and wheel alignment.
You qualify for the above if:
- Your new van is build on a Roo Chassis.
- The van is brought in by your builder after build is done and before delivery to you/dealer.
- This free service is only available from our Campbellfield workshop.
Remember to ask your builder for this service when you order your van.
This is not a 1000km service.

            Highly recommended
  • Wheel nuts
  • Coupling bolts
  • Handbrake operation
  • Tyre pressures
  • Bumper bar mounts
  • Spare wheel holder ubolts mounts
  • Grease in all points around chassis suspension
  • Grease in coupling if required
  • Other greasable hardware
  • Gas bottle clips
  • Water tank straps
  • Coner stand operation
  • Check for wheel spanner and lifting jack
  • Visual inspection for obvious loose bolts nuts around suspension system

                      1000KM SERVICE
   Proof of this service must be retained and this service is a requirement,not a recomendation
  • Wheel bearings / grease and adjust
  • Wheel nuts / correct torque
  • Tyre wear /depth measurement
  • Tyre pressure as per recommendations
  • Wheel alignment, check and adjust
  • Greaseable points /all greasable points
  • Fasterner Check 
  • Spare wheel check
  • Coupling operation
  • Adjust brakes
  • Handbrake operation
  • Brake operation test (electrical)
                       ANNUAL SERVICE
                   if less than 20000km per year
               Twice annual if greater than 20000km , evidence of                           services must be retained
  • Coupling operation
  • Fasterner Check
  • Wheel Bearing regrease/replace
  • Wheel alignment and tyre wear check
  • Suspension bush check 
  • Shock absorber check
  • Regrease all grease points fresh grease
  • Visual inspection on chassis welds / cracks
  • Visual inspection water tank brackets bolts
  • Visual inspection jockey wheel 
  • Tyre damage/ tread depth
  • Leaf spring check
  • Brake adjustment / Replacement